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20 December 2009 @ 07:20 pm
internet drift  
browsing pages and movies and sounds from world of warcraft and larp documentaries to populism primary texts in latin america, other highlights include:

+ image searches for tobey maguire, brittany murphy
+ a brief contemplation of starting a second life character
+ online stalking margot canaday's articles on u.s. queers to decide whether or not they stay on the exams list
+ tepotzlan institute in mexico for summer 2010 (21-28 july) is a near go!
+ academics_anon here on el che
+ brief consideration of various christmas gifts for my teenage sister
+ driving directions from bloomington to d.c.
+ somewhat awkward and fully evasive facebook chats
+ carquest and other nearby mechanics' shops to fix 2004 civic's headlights

also, reading for exams throughout the day, packing for trip, baking, cleaning, talking too much on the phone, thinking of what i should be doing with my time but am not doing...