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15 May 2010 @ 06:48 pm
+ dress up party!
+ ani renaissance including out loud sing-a-longs in public
+ driving home alone on the highway listening to loud loud music

+ morning dates and walks to bloomingfoods
+ almondy oolong tea with breakfast
+ new tofu scrambler: tofu noodles, bok choy, broccoli, thai peppers, sweet peppers, onion, carrot & sesame oil
+ apple & walnut muffins made with homemade applesauce
+ smoke detector freak out cos of said applesauce
+ market strawberries!
+ riedell's insistent friendliness
+ sincere talk about deconstructing recovery & also highschool activism
+ hot and fun texting
+ new disc from netflix
+ leftover breakfast food snacks all day
+ bfoods check out line with cutie pie
+ realizing how some people withhold info for their very own interests
+ spontaneous food drop off from a buddy! (including homemade soup, seaweed and tofu salad, and lots of other delicious organic veggies)
+ a friendzine from buddy, laura! and i'm featured! comic dillon!

+ pants off dance party!
+ who the hell knows?!!!!!