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21 November 2008 @ 04:42 pm
prince's jam is tonight's theme song.

uh, no. just kidding. that's gross.

it's the weekend! yeah! caffeinated, ready for what's next. feeling too ill to go to my professional organization's meeting, and so it's me and the internet and some grading and fucking off before skating tonight. excellent.

the weekend?

grading papers for af.am. women in history class, then grading the last batch of weekly reading responses for the black death, then coordinating a grad student job search breakfast, then working on my comparative dandy as a vision of modernity versus backward mexico city paper.

and wtf! why didn't i know that the national rollerskating museum was located in lincoln, nebraska? my granddad is a bad-ass skater and maybe that's how he got started - cos skating was really big in nebraska when he was a teenager!

finally! a hobby my grandparents will approve!