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28 October 2008 @ 12:27 am
halloween pumpkin carving fun at corey's house (previously known as castle greyskull) with kristen, jessie, corrina, corey, crystal, and other random folks who happened to be about. good times. cute punkins. i made a star punkin with shadows and cut-outs after some cajoling, cos i was mostly interested in seed cleaning, flavoring and baking (like always).

other cute punkins include kristen's tree and treeswing, corey's cyclops bear, jessie's cute whale and corrina's tobey punkin. we set them all out on the steps with candles and they were real cute.

then, i went to a show with some cute queer bands. and mysterious japanese bands that got lost and then showed up after i left, like at 1 a.m. sheesh! but anyway, the cutest thing was at the end of the what the kids want set when hannah got her bass and she and the rest of the sissies played old tunes. i mean, not living in bloomington then, i didn't have the same sort of misty-eyed business that other dancing fools did (especially sparky and erin tobey and others) but it was still really great. i liked to look over at a little bopping j-town shock! to my left and an especially bouncy sparky to my right. somehow i ended up in the frontest of the front when someone left and that always makes me really shy, so i just danced and enjoyed it.

good show and then i rode with j-shock to get my bike, then bike home in the freezing fall wind gusts! a well-deserved cap to a work-my-ass-off weekend. yes.

today was nothing compared to yesterday, so, there it is.