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13 September 2008 @ 07:14 pm
finally after months of relying upon wifi spaces away from home, i have internet in my house. that means i can work from home, write from home, grade from home, look at internet porn from home. in my briefs!

having a good time in bloomington these days, getting to spend time with new friends and working really hard and all of that. tonight, there is a dance party at t.wisdom's house and i think i might just go. or else call sparky and rent some documentaries and kick it with cats. hard to say, really. can't believe i haven't been back to microcosm since guate. i feel like i can still smell the xerox!

all day i've been deeply mired in a process of editing a statement of purpose for a big deal grant deadline on monday. after this one, only two more big ones to go and those two applications are nearly the same, and not due until mid-october or early november. can't wait for shit to calm down. by the time thanksgiving rolls around, i will have very many things for which to be grateful.

general update -- shipped the little lady off to ann arbor a little less than a month ago, and have been flying solo here in town since. well, less flying solo and more flying with the control tower. sure, i guess LRL and i have a control tower thing going. i mean, not in a gross "controlling" way, but in a guiding signal, hey how's it going on land, kind of a way.

will be back in d.c. from 10 october to 12 october with very limited availability. first come, first serve.