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22 July 2008 @ 08:16 pm
Just some disjointed thoughts for today, cos it´s my journal and I can write what I choose. And please excuse my somewhat basic and juvenile meanderings, a neophyte art enthusiast here.

First, I´m feeling better. Nearly perfect and even drank two cups of coffee today, although the second was against my best judgment. So much for kicking the habit.

Next, what is Antonin Artaud even talking about? Seriously. I´m just catching up on some Internet reading, some cultural literacy, and what the heck! Maybe I´m just daft, but really... I will have to work on ¨feeling¨ this one.

But, I do love and begin to ¨get¨ Modigliani, especially love his portrait of Diego Rivera. And I bet that Kees Van Dongen was a total stud. Total stud. Who else? Each of these names influenced the world art-lit scene, and in so doing, my little elite University students (in the strange 1890 to 1931 period).

Finally, the favorite Guatemalan artist of the day - Carlos Merida. Freaking awesome. A sort of mating of cubist Picasso and Kandinsky. Yeah yeah!

Another note, been reading bell hooks´ Outlaw Culture, particularly interested in her reading of Basquiat´s exhibition at the Whitney. How do these paintings make us feel... what does fatherhood, masculinity, boyishness have to do with him and how we feel about him?