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18 July 2008 @ 10:56 am
Today, Chris and Melanie, and I will head west on the chicken buses for Xela, the home of my heart last summer. I couldn´t be more excited, really. I will be sure to take many photos.

We will eat Xelapan, go to Fuentes Georginas, ride in the back of the picop past the world´s largest carrots, get textiles from the women´s cooperative in Zunil, buy glass from Copavic, dance at Palalife Klishe, get soy lattés at El Cuartito, maybe stay at Casa Argentina, hit up the bookstores and the market, and drink atole on Sunday morning on the steps of the world´s strangest museum. In short, we will relish in all of my favorite things about Guatemala´s highlands, with the joy of sharing them with Melanie, a Quebecoise, who has not yet been to Xela. Oh, and my language school has written a letter to certify how much K´iche´ I learned last summer, so that I may actually be able to count K´iche´ as one of two langauges for my Ph.D, marking the final laps of a year-long odyssey to get this language and six weeks of many hours of study to count for something.

Definitely the most exciting weekend trip I´ve taken all summer. Oh, and, the archive-fototeca-biblioteca is closed until 2pm today, so we are getting a very early start.

All is well in this world, with me, today. I feel inspired, so...