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02 July 2008 @ 07:09 pm
Inexplicably, Guatemala enjoys a rare number of public and government holidays. Really, these holidays involve booming parades through the streets, mostly by juvenile marching bands and the frequent spontaneous business-closings. This weekend was, I think, either military or police day. Well, either way, everything was closed halfway through Friday and until Tuesday morning.

La Ciudad Antigua, as a popular tourist location among Guatemalans as well as foreigners, became positively swamped. All day Monday, there was not a seat to be found in any restaurant, except for the Subway sandwich shop. Victor, Judith and I (roommates) went to the only organic restaurant in town and waited for over an hour for food. Damn. And it was expensive, but at least I had a brilliant time with Judith going all around the market. I bought a totally kickass blanket and a little tiger, named Tigre, to keep me company at night.

On Tuesday, though, things got back to normal and I went to work. Met another new CIRMA researcher and he seems pretty great. Going to eat Thai food in a minute. I´m starving.

Can´t get enough of this classic: The Whole World Lost Its Head by the GoGos