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28 June 2008 @ 10:46 am
i agreed to write a piece for a local expat lit journal called La Cuadra, and now i have drawn a blank. it's strange to publish this way - someone says, hey you wanna write something for my thing, and i say, yeah, sure. and then i have to come up with something. i guess usually i just write something in which i have taken an interest, and then hope that someone wants to publish it.

of course, there are a thousand things to write on...

+my research on the huelga, which would be pretty useful for me
+being a big queer in guate
+something abstract or journal-like, scream-of-conscious
+similarly, a piece of impressionistic creative writing
+a funny recipe adapted for shared hostel-kitchens
+a book review or interview (although these spots are usually written by columnists for LaCuad)

the thing is, if i write something that isn't too sexy or un-academic, then i can add it to the publications section on my c.v., not that La Cuadra is a highstature journal, but...

i kinda set myself a guideline to throw something on paper or on the screen by the end of today, although i am coming up short right now. my brain is preoccupied by a thousand ephemera, and i can't get to IT. whatever that IT is.