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27 June 2008 @ 07:19 pm
we´re here. we´re queer. we´re... wet.

the weather here sucks. why, oh why, do i come here during the rainy season? it is raining so hard.

this evening, i walked a few blocks, well, like 10 or so to get to this bookstore (libreria pensativo) and cafe (fridas) about which i have heard so much. so, right as i was walking upstairs to get my jacket in case of rain, it began to POUR.

so, i thought, hey, that´s cool, it won´t be that far and then i´ll just go back home. and get ready. why? because tonight is antigua guatemala´s first gay pride celebration! and parade!

only, wait. it´s raining. so, i get to the bookstore, but by the time i´m at the bookstore, i´m so soaked that i can´t possibly hold more water in my hair. gross. but, that´s cool, cos i spent a lot of time at the bookstore, finding all sorts of cool books on the huelga! yes! one that i had never ever seen before, and then one that´s one of the most complete, and then a book about u.s. imperialism in the 1954 overthrow of president Arbenz that i had never seen before, and then the second part of a two book series on the students at USAC, the best book on the university from a student-movement perspective.

so, i´m needless to say, thrilled with my purchases! i found all these great books and had a great conversation with the two folks working. as i told them, i now have a new favorite bookstore in antigua!

as i left the bookstore, the deluge began in earnest. all of the streets are-were flooded and everyone is just whooping and hollering about the rain. it´s the kind of street flooding that you just don´t see in the States, except in the midwest right now. ugh.

so, i get this wild hair to try to get to the gay pride celebration even though i´m disgusting and soaked and annoyed and holding a big bag of books. if only to get a mug of coffee and dry out and then go home. but i get the hostel where the celebration is occurring (jungle party hostel) confused with this other one (black cat), and walk to the wrong place. then i´m annoyed and just want to get home. by the time i get home, i´m more soaked than i have ever, ever, ever been.

so much for flag waving and queers bash backing... ugh... and i was so ready to revolutionize guatemala. oh well.