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21 June 2008 @ 03:14 pm
dudes and ladies,

i am such a bore in guatemala. i mean, i´m here to work, so that´s why i am, ya know, so studious and stuff. but, really. watching cable on a saturday afternoon? that´s just not quite my style. i could be scaling a volcano or traipsing about a coffee field, but no.

so, i have dinner and coffee plans and i am looking forward to that, at 7pm. but before then? well, i will do this internet thing, then shower, maybe go to the market to get coconut milk and make rice pudding, get some coffee at a cafe, maybe buy a shit fiction book from one of a billion bookstores catering to folks just travelling through... basically, i am going to try to drag each of these things out as much as possible and probably take a lot of walks in between each activity. and hopefully 7pm will come soon. cos i´m bored. and today is too too sunny to take interesting pictures of the billion ruins around this city. what some places call poverty - collapsing buildings, broken glass, crumbling rock - antigua calls tourism. well, actually they call it antiguo, then they charge admission.

tomorrow my big plans involve not a damn thing until the afternoon, when i have a meeting and then coffee with this chica, stephanie. after my housemate, judith, returns from the weekend overnight acatenango trip, we´re totally gonna kick it at antigua´s lonely gay-friendly dance club. antigua, guatemala, i am ready for your nightlife! yeah!

oh, and i am so sick. i have a bigtime snotty, drainage congestion cold. gross. it´s from some unknown and long-gone person´s germs caught up in the documents i´ve been reading, plus the dust in the archive, plus the general dust around period. i´m coughing like i did when i was a 2packaday smoker.

so, i went to the farmacia and got this allergy medication and it didn´t make me feel bad while i was on it, but the second it started to leave my body, i got a weird headache and that tired feeling that allergy meds can sometimes give you. the medicine i took was called cloro-trimeton. according this webpage, it´s good for just about anyting related to any sort of allergy. ever. including skin allergies and season and all of the time allergies, not to mention bug bites. wow. and it costs 2.5Q a pill, which is basically 30 cents or so. i´ll take three dozen, thanks!

oh, and with my housemates gone, i´m totally taking advantage of the gigantic soundsystem and niceass speakers. it´s nice to listen to my music, ya know. we´ve got this really huge room between the tv room and the kitchen... hard to describe, but it´s basically this gigantor waxy dance floor, just perfect for working out one´s hot guate moves. and i did, of course. spilled a lot of coffee while dancing, but really, it was a job well done. well, it´s not club kirkwood, but maybe it´s club primera avenida!
Current Music: baltimora - tarzan boy