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15 June 2008 @ 04:50 pm
Day 3 - 13 June 2008
Basically an uneventful day, about which I remember very little. Good thing I wrote in my journal that night.

Today, I basically tracked down the rest of those potential housing phonecalls and emails I had started the day before. Made arrangements to meet with this guy, whose name I continue to forget, to look at this very cool house. The ad said something like cool people in a very cool house looking for someone else who is probably very cool to live with us and continue to be, well, cool.

The thing is, he was right. The place IS very cool, although the people left me a little disappointing. The front of the house holds an outdoor excursion place run by The Guy. The living space beyond the front office is really amazing. Really. Cool little sitting nooks, huge community stereo, the most beautiful kitchen in which I have ever cooked, a very convenient locale just a block and a half or so from my archive, my bedroom is pretty neat, with lots of built-in shelving. Totally affordable. Count me in! I move in on Monday. The house has weird house rules and no one is vegan, but I am so sure that I will survive. Right now I so pissed that I did not bring a laptop, because every fucking where has wireless, but there seems a chance that I may be able to borrow one of my new housemates´ computers periodically.

I am so so tired of being a lame-ass. With the exception of a gaggle of Australian surfers, I haven´t yet made any friends. I mean, friends who I would call to go out to La Casbah, the only sorta kinda gay club in town. While reading on the hostel terrace, I looked up to see the most stunning volcano-view ever. And so common are these stunning views here that scarcely anyone but the most recent of arrivals takes notice. Well, there is a photo-post upcoming and I will show you that view.

Day 4 - 14 June 2008
The worst possible way to wake in the morning may well be a gaggle of rude Israeli youth, screaming and slamming things in the hallway just outside your bedroom. Looked hungover when I finally scraped myself out of the strangely comfortable bed in Room 6, a double.

Finally, today I got to the CIRMA Biblioteca. It was great. On Saturdays, they remain open for just a half-day, so I was only able to get at four books, but was able to do a few searches in the database and write out the slips for books to find on Monday. Found out, too, that the library is open while the Archive and Fototeca have a lunch break, so if I wanted to be totally unhealthily subsumed in my work, I can do just that. Again, count me in! Took some good notes, fleshed out some more of the LitReview part of my proposal, then made some photocopies just in time to leave after closing.

After a great start at the library, I changed into some more Dillon-like clothes and wandered around. Wound up watching ¨The Holiday,¨ a cheesy romantic comedy, starring all sorts of British and American notables at a place called Cafe 2000. They play movies pretty much all the time on this gigantic screen and you can order food and eat in the dark while you struggle to hear the film. It´s great.

After the movie, went to the Rainbow Cafe for the billionth serving of rice and beans I´ve endured since my recent arrival. At least it´s cheap. No, at least I will be cooking my own food soon. The Rainbow Cafe keeps playing Jack Johnson, an American pop-folk musician popular with the surfing and pot-smoking set. I am soo soo soo tired of that. Eating so late was a particularly bold move for a single traveller, single meaning by oneself, since to be out and about after dark may or may not be dangerous. Yet, it was a fucking Saturday night, and I was not going to be a boring ass fuck. Clearly made it home without incident and curled up with my favorite friend here, the travel writer Bill Bryson, and his book about hiking through England.

Decided late at night that I would find a beautiful new place to stay for Sunday night, since the hostel really was depressing the hell out of me. Decided to spend a little bit of money, like 20 bucks, on a really great hotel room, closer to the real action and maybe, if I was lucky, with television and a private bathroom.