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06 June 2008 @ 05:36 pm
on the road for the next 3 months. hell yeah.

drove to dc yesterday for about 10 hours. felt like i was a slow-ass the whole time, cos i was lost in my head and all these possessed fucking wackadoos kept passing me at lightening speeds. but if mapquest dot com says 11 hours and i make it in 10 hours including a single lunch/n/gas stop, then that's good, right?

met the fam at a chinese restaurant in fairfax where the szechuan bean curd comes with zero vegetables. huh? kicked dad and sis out and drank tea with mom. then home, to boring television called "fear", bullshitting with dad, dr. pepper, phone calls then sleep.

this morning was all about making things and doing stuff and spying on old my old boss at whole foods. hey, if i walk past you five times and you don't recognize me, then i can spy on you all i want. saw old coworker ahmed whom i love so much. he always recognizes me and asks about life and gives free hugs. total fave.

coffee and quality time with sis, then catching up on my zine reading. then more social engagements. then slut night at the phase? really? well, maybe.

shaking off the haters and renewing posi-core oh-eight,