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23 January 2008 @ 04:49 pm
Yesterday was also big day - I got tons of props from a gender history professor, then went to this talk (see above) and, for the first time, asked a question of a visiting academic's project during the Q/A segment. Whew!

Day 2 of major props from Professors who I respect like whoa, today regarding an incisive and important question regarding gender that I posed to the disappointingly inastute senior scholar during yesterday's presentation.

Quote: "So, there's no gender in cock fights, huh?"

In response, I just laughed and felt validated and intelligent. We continued to talk about other omissions and shortcomings in the project. In hindsight, I wonder which of his colleagues told him about my question and what did they say about it, for this particular Professor had walked out earlier in the talk, after seeing that a colleague of his would "take care of things." He was, he said, "feeling a little disgusted."

Also, a pleasant and genuinely interested entre into conversation from a Professor who, just last week, I characterized as socially awkward and aloof. Today he was caring, human, available and offered an anecdote from his own personal experience in developing as an educator.