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13 January 2008 @ 03:10 pm
i guess there's a point in the early winter where everything is just so cold that all that you can do is sit back and think about things. and go back and read days and days (weeks) of old LJ posts which you missed while the actual things were happening.

and you think about everyone you know, everyone else who's not on LJ and you realize that pretty much people are just doing what they do over and over again.

and that doesn't mean that no one's changing or that your friends and acquaintences are boring, but rather that you're in your 20s and so are most of your friends and everyone is settled into who they are (if only for a month or a year) and you kinda already know what they're about.

and then, really, your super cute perfect cat jumps up to join you on your desk chair and you feel pretty ok.