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16 December 2007 @ 06:32 pm
i finished all of my schoolwork at 5pm today. that's, like, hours before my deadline and a whole night ahead of her deadline for me. sweet.

first thing i did was pull out this big tub of crafty/art stuff that has been the monster under my bed all semester. then i thought i'd sew some patches onto shirts and stuff, but then my scissors don't cut fabric. so i added new fabric shears to my list of stuff to get for myself around Xmas. then, i called the old lady and made some plans.

then...oh yeah...i took, like, the best shower ever. and it's cool, i'm alright talking about this stuff here. i'm pretty ok with my faggy side. well, my many faggy sides. i used Lush's Sandstone soap, then the Giovanni Hot Chocolate scrub, then Lush Sonic Death Monkey shower gel. i smell awesome. like a big bar of pervy boy chocolate & coffee.

now, all's peaceful here at the tranny shack. i'm waiting for my skin and hair to dry, then i'll go over to LRL's house for some making out, then dinner and a movie at home. the dinner? fuck, who knows! the movie? "This is England," a film on rudeboys and skins in...yes...England in the 80s. the preview and soundtrack are fucking awesome.

things couldn't be better. i got an A+ in one LatAm colloq, and no other grades posted. i've finished grading. i've got a long night ahead with the LRL, then a day of (fun) work tomorrow, then a few more days in bloomington, then home to DC for the "holidaze." and i smell like chocolate.