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05 December 2007 @ 01:15 am
so, the past few days i've gotten to thinking pretty hard about why it is that i never fucking hang out anymore. and it's because i'm always doing schoolwork. like grading papers or reading or writing my own papers. or oftentimes reading a book for class.

but it sucks, like for reals. i haven't been to a show since october. no joke. it's easy, i guess, cos i see a bunch of people whom i really like on a day to day basis what with school and drinking coffee and working at the 'cosm and all, but damn... there are so many more people i'd like to see on the regular, not just in passing and "hi how's it going? oh it's great. it's good to see you" kind of a way. that's silly.

but, i mean, i have gotten really adept at juggling mountains of blue books and at microcosm rediscovered my long lost adolescent and late adolescent fondness for zines.