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05 November 2007 @ 11:49 pm
the prison books conference was really great. i had a great time with LRL, it was our 11 month anniversary on friday night, so it was really great to spend a night in a strange hotel room with her. she's so amazing.

the other bloomington folks who went were fucking awesome, too. dancing at c street was the most fun. i think highschool homecoming went to the gay bar, but it was ok. we were the weirdos, but we were the best dancers. i thought riley was gonna punch someone, but instead she just danced right up on that stupid dude. i smiled until my face hurt. i hope i never live in champaign-urbana, but a weekend there was nice. plus, there's no shame in watching "my big fat greek wedding" to decompress, right?

new knuckles:

now, it's just about surviving the rest of the week. there's too much to do, but that's old news. today i wrote a pretend lecture for a class assignment and later this week i've got to write a real, live one.

when will i take the time to get my car checked up? to get that new (full color) tattoo? it's kinda like from now until december shit's gonna be crazy. i really only have to survive this end-of-the-semester insanity for three more semesters. then i'll be done taking classes. forever.

sometimes, i wish i just worked a real job.

oh, p.s. pay attention to global news right now, peops! all sorts of changes are happening to the south and east and west of us!
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