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30 October 2007 @ 09:38 pm
...be updating all the time, but seriously i've been slacking lately.

this is new, good stuff:
+ procrasting on reading for thursday class
+ contemplating a mental health day off from class/work/everything on thursday
+ temping @ microcosm (and maybe tomorrow is my last day this time around)
+ prison books conference this weekend
+ layers layers layers
+ my cat is so cute
+ i'm not a "cool machine" and that's just fine
+ finally mended my cords just in time for fall
+ quietly brainstorming sights to see in guatemala this coming summer
+ making new friends in a slow way, who needs fast-found friends?
+ sister spit came to bloomington on saturday
+ "arrested development" season 2 is so fucking hilarious
+ registering for spring semester classes (only 3 more semesters of coursework!)
+ that lull before the end of the semester madness

scary stuff:
- too much reading to do and not enough time. not at all.
- impending deadlines too far off to do anything but shudder
- winter's coming so soon, then there'll be snow and then time will just fly until spring
- always mountains of bluebooks and quizzes to grade
- why did i assign myself a huge historiographical/state of the field essay for my readings course?