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24 October 2007 @ 09:52 pm
+ dc was so good. ate sticky fingers, saw plenty of pals and fams, plus ran a pair of bloomers up a flag pole in honor of columbus day.
+ got back from dc just fine.
+ felt pretty homesick for a minute, but then...
+ started a new temping job at microcosm publishing here in bloomington.
+ graded more than 70 undergrad midterms last week, too
+ so now i just work too hard, study too hard, grade too hard and try to play hard, too

it's ok, though. that's why temping is awesome. this semester, hell the whole damn season, is just flying right by me... now it's freezing fucking cold in bloomington and i whine about riding my bike. and listen to old-skool queercore while feigning industriousness.