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30 September 2007 @ 08:27 pm
birthday parties are officially back in for me. after about a 12 year hiatus, i think i'm in the bday party scene once again. today's shin-dig was such a success that i think i might have to start an annual birthday party for me.

turning 24 wasn't all that bad. in fact, it was pretty damn good. tess kicked it all off by telling me happy birthday at 12:00am and then we watched a crappy documentary and went to bed. dolly (my cat) slept in the crook of my leg all night long and it was perfect. for breakfast, tess made a delicious tempeh fennel vegetable scramble, plus biscuits with mushroom miso gravy and gimme lean. then we got to work getting ready for the party. lots of baking, pureeing and stuff like that. the kitchen smelled like parsley and basil so hard! it was fabulous.

some last-minute cooking and last-minute shopping, then it was 3pm and the party got going! two classmates showed up bearing a beautiful big pumpkin. i loved it. and then some more pals stopped by to make pizzas, chat, eat cupcakes, play with dogs and kids and cats. so many of my bloomington faves were there! and everyone's pizzas were gorgeous. we had fake mountain dew and la croix and coffee to drink. everyone seemed to feel guiltily stoked on the "md". and, of course, miss tess's cupcakes were a total hit. how could they not be?! it was such fun that one dog excitedly peed on the wall!

things wound down at a pretty good time and even though the kitchen's still a mess, i'd say all's well that ends well.

i meant to take photos, but, truth be told, i was having too much fun to think about photos until afterward. it's hard to document cool when you're too busy being it. plus, guess what? i still have 2 birthday gifts to get from tess AND a strike anywhere show to go to tomorrow. i'm pretty thrilled.