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16 August 2007 @ 02:02 pm
I cant quite believe that my trip is nearly over. I mean, today is my next to last full day here in Xela, tomorrow being my last day of class and then Saturday the day when I leave at 7am to go back to Antigua to chill for the day and night. Then Sunday I head back to the States. I am totally running out of time here. Feels sad. Promises of forever friendship and staying in touch feel good, but who is to say what will really happen...

Kiche class has sucked the past few days, to be real. I am just so over it. But tomorrow is the last day, yeah, so it will be ok. Plus I have a crazy tooth and headache. Ugh, but cheers for Ibuprofen!

Dancing at the gay bar is saving my life, seriously. I felt better last night than I had for a long time.