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10 August 2007 @ 03:03 pm
spent the last few minutes weaseling out of each commitment i have between now and sunday at 11:00am. i guess that's ok. skipping volunteering, skipping a volcano hike tomorrow (can't be bothered to wake up at 5am). i may pay dearly with boredom for being a weasel, but damn... sometimes i don't want to do anything. i feel like i could sleep, read, and watch movies from now until sunday and be content.

really, i'll just walk around town. then read until it starts raining. then do something else. but i don't want to volunteer to translate documents.

i don't think that makes me an asshole.

i got a good book on body politics, history and indigenous guatemala yesterday. i've been thinking about bodies and race a bit lately, owing greatly to a new friend. cheers to learning new things! and fighting oppression within the community, within ourselves.