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09 August 2007 @ 12:19 am
these are songs i cannot stop hearing, ever. but especially today. theyre all in my head. obviously, it has been somewhat of an ex-team dresh kinda day, i guess. plus cool conductor and punkin pie shoutouts.

- dont try suicide by team dresch
- shy song by containe
- mr. magazine man by hazel
- the galaxy is gay by the butchies
- my friend is my hairstylist by davies vs. dresch
- cyst by the vegas beat
- ufo by the vegas beat
- transplant by cool conductor
- southland hardware & frisky by punkin pie

queer ladies (or not) singing songs about queer ladies (or not). what could be better? what could be more amazing? im really bad at remembering band and song names so this is quite the piece of work, fyi.

oh, another thing happened today. i found this book store that kinda. no. totally. made my dick hard. it had these two incredibly important books on the student movement in guate, that i definitely cannot buy in the us. also they had a bunch of others that i had to put on reserve for tomorrow. totally a librogasm. whats better?

ready to fall in love with autumn. still deep in it here in xela.
09 August 2007 @ 05:18 pm
lots of music, lots of daydreaming. trying to stay present. making new friends. queers queers queers! talking about radical politics, ngos, giving just enough to keep folks from wanting change, color, imperialism, queerness.

running errands, running outta time. i've got only 10 days left here. holy holy shit. getting nervous to come back to bloomington. but i'm also really tired of thinking about all of this stuff. like how many days until i come back and how i feel about it. and how short or long various amounts of time feel. i journal about the same thing every day on paper. i don't know if there's anything left to say. when it's time to leave, i'll go. until then, i'll stay here. get it?

i could make another playlist for today, but. better to just go out and dance and forget it all.

but lots of non-normal things today, too. like observing the whole entire process of spinning/dyeing/weaving a wool rug. like patting out tortillas and then cooking 'em up on a fire! yeah! and speaking serious k'iche'!

my feet smell. my chucks are old and rotting. and wet. you know that smell!