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01 August 2007 @ 04:56 pm
so, this country, damn! went to laguna chicabal again. it was a good hike, again. really short, but good. i was walking too fast for my group and had to lead them, not too sure of the path myself. considering three of them were hiking in skirts and sandals or heels, all went well. it was chilly and foggy! beautiful and mysterious! my maestra got cold, then looked adorable in my black hoodie with fnb elbow patch. she looked punk as fuck in that hoodie along with a traditional mayan corte (skirt) and fancy sequined shoes that all the women here wear. i wish i could post a picture, but i forgot my cord, sorry. i'll do it later. but it was so good.

my israeli friend said the funniest thing today. she was peeing in the woods, then walked back out to a group of us standing at this crossroads on the path. she laughed and shrugged and said, "eh. israelis are pee everywhere."

i'm not sure, but i think she was saying that israelis don't mind, they'll pee anywhere. but it was the funniest thing i've heard, almost ever.

yesterday i bought a pair of jeans from a second hand store. and accidentally they are tight as fuck. talk about gender confusion. i've been wearing them around xela and i feel like i'm in drag. it's funny. i wore them to the gay bar last night. which, by the way, was crazy fun. that bar is really great. i've been three times now and the gay boys here really like me. the women here like to pour beer in my eye. but, whatevs. i just like to dance like a crazy person, especially after a day of hiking. and this what i'll do tonight. cos i have some friends participating in this salsa exhibition at kokoloko's. and then i will dance salsa and merengue and try not be offended by people's binary-gender blinders.

tomorrow we're going to these hot springs again. yeah! and then i'm hoping a bus to antigua, during which trip i will hope that i am not killed in a chicken bus by careening off the mountain. then in antigua, my friend nikki and i will enjoy an expensive dinner and then pass the fuck out at the hostel, hotel mochilero's place. but first, i will have to eat some bread from the bakery and, if i get there when it's still light out, spend too much money on shit at the artisan's market. i lost the earrings i got there the other week... plus some ill-timed theft (paired with my own forgetfulness) at my hostel necessitates another re-purchase.

whilst some people back in the u.s. aren't super stoked on my exhilerated plans to lead hikes here next summer, i can't even contain my thrilled-ness. i don't even care if any of the same guides are here or return. i just want to lead hikes here. it's the most beautiful place i've ever seen.