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30 July 2007 @ 03:25 pm
days like these just can´t be beat. i am totally in love with this town, this country, the whole thing. i can´t book next year´s return ticket soon enough.

i visited this incredibly important mam-maya site on saturday, laguna chicabal, enjoying a few hours of hiking each way. seriously uphill. came back to xela, puttered around the hostel for a bit and went for coffee with two folks, mark and alice, to a place called el cuartito near the parque central. enjoyed hours of wonderful conversation, talking about outdoor sports, nature, hiking, trekking and general gossip. then went to the gay bar, palalife klishe. i danced my ass off, with the best of gay xela! the boys were so cute! i dance like a gay guatemalan man, fyi. the music was so good. so good. some best of club kirkwood hits, plus tons of reggaeton, bachata and merengue. be still my fucking heart.

there was only a handful of women, but that was ok. cos i had pretty boys to dance with! duh! one of the women, heidy, poured her gallo in my eye on accident. ouch. and gross.

last night i tried to sit through this folkloric dance presentation, but it sucked. what i mean is, it´s not what i thought it would be. it wasn´t what anyone thought it would be. so, i left. then platicar-ed con two friends at the hostel, mark-the-same-one-from-cuartito and lizzie-the-british-guide-and-barmaid. lizzie´s hysterical and it was good to talk to her some more. mark was probably my older brother in another life. they were hysterical and getting pretty fucked up on rum. i was amused. then we went to get pupusas and tortillas from the vendors at the parque central, then to salon tecun to bullshit with some other guides. at the end of the night, lizzie and i skipped through rain puddles, then splashed our unknowing friends, laughed maniacally, ran away, then almost got thrown into trash cans. it was a crazy fun night.

tomorrow, we´re going to back to the women´s weaving coop in zunil, then wednesday we´re going back to laguna chicabal, then thursday back to the fuentes georginas for a good soak. then friday, i´m off to antigua to do more research at CIRMA. fuck!

the deal is this, i´m definitely coming back next summer. and i´m volunteering for quetzaltrekkers for a few months. lizzie and i are going to lead the nebaj to todos santos hike together. a queer academic american and a yorkshire barmaid. ha!

only 9.5 months until i can come back.

oh, and i need a haircut. this week.