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21 July 2007 @ 05:10 pm
So, Antigua, Guatemala is gorgeous. It's righteously touristy, for sure, but I'm pretty into the town. Like Xela, it's all cobblestone and dust, but there's history that's more obvious here. Colonial ruins, I love those things! Crazy fucking market, sign me up! I got this pair of earrings that I've been wanting for, like, two years at the market today! I've got more woven bracelets than my arms can support.

The archive, CIRMA, has been awesome. So far, I've only had access to the library portion, though that yielded some amazing insights and secondary sources that I wouldn't not have found otherwise. I'm realizing how crucial a sociological class analysis of the university and some engagement with performance theory could be for my work, as well as some historicization of the student movement at the university since its inception and a comparative look at student movements across Latin America. Please, no comments, yet, as I'm still thinking... (for those of you who are intent upon engaging!) So, next week or the week following, I'll return and look at what the archive's historian has found for me.

I was so stoked to finally be standing in front of CIRMA that yesterday when I first arrived, my eyes teared up and I got a cold chill through each and every one of my limbs. Yeah, I know.

So, I'm bummed to return to Xela, but I'm stoked to change living arrangements. I'll be at the Casa Argentina for the next week or so, maybe more, depending on the cost. The folks at Casa Argentina are crazy fun. More fun than crazy. I'll get to cook my own food (saving money and eating better) and keep my own schedule. And not be kept up on Friday nights by the evangelicals. Sheesh!
21 July 2007 @ 05:20 pm
So, for those of you who don't know, I had this amoeba scare last week, where I thought I had amoebas in my digestive tract. Three other people who were on my Tajumulco trip got amoebas.

As you may know, amoebas or amoebic feelings aren't any fun. So I was happy today to see my symptoms vanish and to chalk another one up to no self control with spicy foods.

PS. I'm thinking I might never come home again. With the exception of missing a certain LRL, I really don't want to come back. I've got itchy feet. Travelling pants. Good thing I signed up for a life of this!