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16 July 2007 @ 01:55 pm
...i climbed this volcano called tajumulco! it was so rad! it´s the highest point in central america. damn! it was really difficult, like 5.5 hours hiking the first day, then 1.5 hours at 3am to catch the sunrise. the sunrise that didn´t happen for the fog. then another 1.5 back to base camp, then about 3.5 to our lunch stop.

...como me duelen mis nalgas!

...ran like a mountain goat down the mountain on the descent! damn, that´s my favorite part of hiking!

...met all this sweet young 20something travellers who were all really fun and interesting. the guides were rad, too. i got the inside scoop on the only gay bar in xela, called palalife klishe, from a potentially ´mo brit guide named lizzy. a group of us are going tomorrow night for a going away party for these other two hysterical brits i met on the trip. it´s bitter sweet, travelling and meeting people for only a few days at a time. people are awesome, ya know?

...contemplating a move to a hostel in zona 1, the zona viva, so that i can make more friends, have a better time, and go to more programs at schools and hostels in that area. it will actually cost less than a homestay, for real.

...at this point, i´m pretty accostomed to xela and i can anticipate the sadness at leaving. yet, i´ve only been here for 10 days and have 35 to go.

...today my maestra and i went to a town called zunil that´s very near xela. there is a weaving cooperative in zunil where we saw the most gorgeous fabrics, huipiles, fajas, bookmarks, etc. i can´t wait to return and spend a bunch of time and cash.

...now, to call the LRL and then go see a movie, ¨El Norte,¨ at the escuela.