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07 July 2007 @ 02:40 pm
My host family is evangelical. And they stayed up last night, as they will every Friday night, until 6am. What did they do? They sang, danced, stomped, yelled, chanted and prayed. To Jehovah and/or Jesus. It was intense. When I woke up at midnight, it sounded like they were about to pound down the door to my bedroom and save me. Good luck, pals.

Found a great bookstore. The museums were closed today, so I didn´t really do shit today. Planning day trips out of the town. Maybe even tomorrow. There are tons of volcanos to explore.

Vegan-ness sucks here. Big time. But whatevs. I think I will be tired of tomatoes and bread by the time I leave.

I´m excited and terrified to begin language classes. I´m sure my ass will be quite kicked. Oh well, that´s why I´m here.

As soon as I take some pictures, I´ll upload them, I swear!