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29 June 2007 @ 03:38 pm
so, i was seriously sad yesterday to leave dc. luckily, i was distracted during the drive by ridiculous rain showers... downpours... throughout ohio. it was so scary and exciting. the clouds looked beautiful.

my little vacation was kickass. and too short. but also too long. while i saw nearly everyone i wanted to see, i didn't see many people enough and others i just didn't see at all.

my welcome home last night was awesome. that eatyryoung sure knows how to cook shit up. in fact, it was a hot hot night all around. hmm...

today is the day to pack. everyfuckingthingiown. which isn't much, but seems like a lot.

tomorrow i finish packing and start moving. i'm borrowing a friend's truck for the evening.

so, today's like the eighth day of no smoking for dillon. ugh. it's difficult to stay quit back in bloomington. i mean, cos like, all i want to do is smoke when i chill at beau monde. that's all.