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21 June 2007 @ 09:25 pm
so, dc is good. today i ate lunch with my honorary mother, miss polly. we ate at taco bell and i loved every second of it. she's awesome. i love love love her.

went to sticky fingers today with my lil sis. the same staff was there as when LRL and i went in march. it was super cool. i kept spilling my coffee cos the table was rickety. and then i got the bright idea to use my hanky to sop it up. then my hanky smelled really bad. i never wash it, duh. ugh. i had to stuff it to the bottom of my backpack so that i wouldn't ever smell it. gross. anna (lil sis) really liked it - she had big plans to finish her whole entire cinnamon sticky bun. she didn't actually, but she tried. i also didn't finish mine.

i purchased treats for bloomingtonites.

went to lush, too. anna wasn't thrilled with the 11 block walk from foggy bottom metro to lush. to be fair, it was really hot and she did look like she was about to pass out by the time we got here. but she liked it. she got a bunch of cute stuff. so cute. so so so cute.

then we met my dad and mom at the natural history museum and saw a fossils exhibit that i remember seeing since i was like 4 years old. not only were there super old fossil dino bones, but there were even real life fossilized creationists perusing the exhibit. i couldn't believe my ears. and then i saw this new africa exhibit that's fucking awesome.

even though the last few nights have been tough without the usual bedtime shenanigans, sleeping with my dog, samantha, has been stellar. she's so sweet.

i'm not going to the show tonight. i'm tired. i just left the district. all i want to do is sit at home. that's right.