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17 June 2007 @ 01:50 pm
Here's to the quotidian and mundane:

+ Father's day is more fun now that I'm ok with my father and he lives 600some miles away from me.
+ The circus of shock and scandal (css) was fun. Jazzle's lipgloss sure was poppin', deejay D-Pain kept the party going, Mistress of Ceremonies Molly shocked and awed, and Jessica held up the fort with the greatest of ease.
+ I'm ready to leave town, a little bit; two shows in DC sound good and I'm ready for some change.
+ I'm not ready to leave LRL eatyryoung; I'm gonna miss her hard
+ My neighbor is walking around outside shouting on his phone in a nasty pair of black swim trunks with no shirt. So much to say...
+ Last night I smoked my last cigarette for the forseeable future. I decided I'd go ahead and quit today since I won't smoke while I'm back in DC. When I finished my pack on the way home from the css, I decided I'd just be done with it. We'll see how today goes...
+ Moving across town is exciting. Really.
+ There's this cat that I said I'd adopt but now I'm not sure where she'll stay while I'm in Guatemala; I need to figure this out today.
+ Top/bottom sexual identities have colored my fucking-behavior since highschool and sometimes I forget that's not everyone's story.
+ I've been watching too much Sex & the City
+ And I couldn't help but wonder... Are we cutting ourselves off from honestly expressing our desires onto one label or another, or by exploring these labels are we allowing ourselves to delve deeper into our desire?
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