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15 June 2007 @ 03:00 pm
It's cool, I'm leaving in a few days to visit folks and friends in the DC area and my "to do" list is huge while I'm there. But I can't wait. I wonder what sickly draws me back to the tightly-noosed Beltway region... it's probably both people and places and memories and all of the things that draw anyone back to anywhere.

But the trip won't be the same without the LRL in tow. Nothing is the same without her. It always feels better to think about missing someone than to miss them for real.

Then I'm back in Bloomington for five days to finish packing and move to 7th and Elm. And thus begins the Tranny Revolution. And then it's off to Quetzaltenango...

Pack, pack, packing boxes of books - up to 12 now and still have books on shelves, enough to fill at least four more boxes - and about to buy some trash bags to jam full of clothes. When I did this a year ago, it felt different.