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30 May 2007 @ 10:09 am
Wow, so today I woke up and smelled that humid summer morning air, thought about my day, read some email and then got to thinking about the DC metro area. And then I got real homesick. Like really. It's so crazy to think that I'd miss that crazy place of stress, egotism, cars, pollution and poverty/wealth. But I miss it big time today. I'm really looking forward to that trip back home.

Yesterday I went hiking with Chris at this random nature conservatory south of Bloomington. The path is unmarked, except for one plaque at the very beginning. I really enjoyed myself and have the sore quads and hamstrings to prove it. Saw a tiny snake and that's about it for wildlife. Hiked through an old dried up waterbed with lots of jagged rock speaking to geologic time and shifting fortunes. Climbed nearly vertical up some bluffs - very mid-west specific bluffs that don't exist on the east coast.

Today I finally finished Erika Lopez's They Call Me Mad Dog. Like the review says on the back, it truly is a schizophrenic romp. Big time. I've had San Francisco fever for the last month. I want to move there so bad... Watching the Peaches Christ and Squeaky Blonde short films shot in familiar places started it all. The hot secret is that I've got a big crush on Squeaky Blonde. Big time.

Pretty much seems like I've got itchy feet, travelling feet, ready to up and go anywhere (provided it's west or east) at a moment's notice.