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28 May 2007 @ 06:18 pm
...but i didn't go. i mean, not for any reason, just cos i was watching a documentary on public tele and working on crafts and reading and stuff. typical. but i bet the official beginning of summer parade was spectacular. i hope to see photos. and hear gossip. always.

...i kind of can't wait to take this trip to dc/md/nova just to see people and hang out. i might also go to the national security archives at gwu since a schedule changed freed up a shitload of time during my trip. still there's not much at the nsa that i can't get online.

...i'm struggling with myself lately. like i don't know me. like the kind of self-aggrandizing crises of existence that i had when i was fourteen. at least one of you (dear readers) will remember those.

...i'm guilty of cryptically writing to someone in this journal. maybe i was discrete but i feel like a shitbag. i'm doing the thing i hate. right now.

...i think that two of my friends are planning a get-together involving grilling right now. that should be fun. and patriotic.
Current Music: ferocious salsa and rumba