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21 May 2007 @ 02:06 pm
daytime television is a tough gig. i mean, there's nothing good on at all. this is one of the things i've forgotten after a nearly-year-long absence of tele. yesterday i did watch basketball and i remembered how much i love to watch the nba.

also LRL and i went for a walk around the near west side and heard someone in a mysterious house plunking away at piano with the door wide open. it sounded beautiful. i think that house was around 6th and waldron, if not exactly at that intersection. it was so good. and the sweet scent of honeysuckle. oooh. i really like this small-town jive. i think. i mean, it's a little creepy to be strolling around with the LRL and then stumble across three professors (whom i know professionally) drinking, gossiping and playing cards on their front porch. even more embarassing to be amiably attacked by their dog. and most embarassing with you learn that their dog is named Isis. whoa. have i shared too much?

reading a book that is so affirming, i haven't felt this way since i discovered that book "transmen and FTMS" by jason cromwell. it's called "butch is a noun" by s. bear bergman. i'm sure a few of the queer-mos among you know this bergman personally (biblically?) and perhaps will regale me with anecdotal surprises. the book hasn't especially taught me things i didn't already know, rather what i find particularly affirming is that i already knew things that the book is teaching. follow?

today i finished and assembled a drawer set that i'd stained last week. worked on a lamp from the back of salvo that i'm fucking with just for fun. have a cardboard pencil box to finish decoupage. have a puzzle to finish and a puzzle to glue. have a pegboard shelf thing to spraypaint (for a shrine to Prince) and a search for cinderblocks and boards to undergo (for copious bookshelf space)...