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19 May 2007 @ 05:23 pm
i have these crazy beautiful things in my life right now - like people and opportunities and good smelling and fresh things and what not... and i think my mental state is finally beginning to adjust to the lack of structure that comes with the summer. i'm going to take this time to read what i want, cook and eat really good food, spraypaint/paint/stain cool stuff, and snip/sew/mend all that clothing i've been stockpiling. and walk around. and read outside. and endure a battle to the death with allergies.

i foresee a substantial clothes give-away for an androgynous slight person, if there are any takers in b'ton. it's hard to find folks who are my size who dress like me... short-ayyy!

i'm moving across town to the near west side after putting in my requisite year in purgatory in the near east/campus neighborhood. it's hard to know better when you move from out of state. anyway, redster and i will represent the tranny revolution hardcore starting 1 july.

been thinking that one of the best things about summer is letting sentence fragments and poor grammar slide just a little bit.
Current Music: Tony the Beat - The Sounds