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07 May 2007 @ 04:57 pm
Student: *young white male student in cargo shorts and ball cap lumbers toward dumpster carrying mid-sized television*
Dad: Fifty dollars down the drain. Why not keep it?
Mom: Be careful!
Dad: Don't drop that!
Sister: *indistinguishable yell*
Student: *young student quasi-carefully sets down television on entirely diagonal surface*
Television: *begins tumbling toward ground*
Dad: Watch out!!!!!
Television: *lands screen-down on concrete*
Mom & Dad & Sister: Nice! Good job! Aaahh!
Dad: I said be careful. Is it cracked?
Student: It' o.k.
Mom: Now some dumpster diver's going to have a television with a crack in it.

I laughed out loud. And they all stared at me. Then I ducked back into my apartment.