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04 May 2007 @ 01:29 pm
Well, holiest of shits, y'all! I survived my first year of graduate school. Yesterday, I submitted my next to last paper; a few hours ago, I emailed my last. Then, I returned library books, went to the bank, and stopped by the pet store to love up on some puppies. They break my heart a little each time, but they are so perfect, too. It's definitely my favorite thing to do on rainy days when I need to love up on some/thing/one.

Here are some highlights of the academic year:

August: move to Bloomington and don't know a soul; moving is really stressful especially when people try to makeout with you when you're late to pick up your moving truck! i also sweated profusely through first graduate class where we are asked to discuss our current research by way of introduction -- what current research? i just got out of college! the last thing i researched was bacteria for a required environmental science class! i started to meet people here and that was fun. i went to a lot of house shows during this month.

September: in September, i made out with people i shouldn't have and probably had some sex that was ill-advised; i also crushed on folks like a fiend - most have since cooled; i think i finally got a bicycle in September, too, which was such a good thing; i also got Amos the most beautiful cat in September. i also went to a lot of house shows during this month.

October: in early October i went home to visit my family, for my birthday, sort of and it was really nice to see them again cos i missed my sister like crazy and i had a really good time catching up with dc/nova/md folks; October i stopped having ill-advised sex and instead started dating in earnest; still, my crush monster devoured my internal life; Amos went to live with Katie and Phil in October. still, i went to a lot of house shows in this month.

November: fall is my favorite season so i really loved all the months that are involved in that season; in November specifically i did a lot of jigsaw puzzles and a lot of homework cos i was still trying to figure out the balance of things; i think in november i still went to a bunch of house shows.

December: in December i finished my first semester of gradschool; i stayed up all night this one night to finish a paper...well, i slept for two hours for a break, it was really intense; also in December, i went caving and then went to the white party. that's when all the trouble began. i made out a lot in December. i also had a lot of fun once classes were done. going home to see my family for Xmas was perfect. i really loved the time with them then, too.

January: New Year's Eve was really fun; in January i started falling in love which was unexpected. i don't know what else i did in January; i mean, i went to classes and i started watching the entire QueerAssFolks series. i remember that much.

February: on Valentines Day i picked up Dragon for an especially romantic candle-lit dinner; i think i professed my love in this month, too. it was really dramatic and involved lots of cryptic talking and referring to plastic magic 8 ball soothsayers. red and i had lunch almost every tuesday and thursday during this month, and maybe part of January, too. i think this is the month where i stopped going to houseshows and started to miss 'em really bad.

March: in March i went on a spring break roadtrip which was a blast. i saw a bunch of dc/nova/md folks which was superb. i ate so much good vegan food on that trip! daaaammnn! March was really warm then it got really cold. really really cold. i also don't remember much of March - i must have passed it by doing homework and being a love bug.

April: April was the month where school started to get stressful cos the semester was almost over. i had a bunch of applications for all sorts of things due and i felt like i never had enough time. i had to stop drinking coffee during the day in earnest cos i would freak out if i didn't. toward the end of April i found out that i got funding to travel to guatemala this summer. i was really worried about it.

May: at the beginning of may, i found out that i got even more cash to go to guatemala, but then decided not to go for an extra long time with the extra money; i also finished the last of my coursework so that i could start to enjoy parts of my life that i'd been neglecting for months. like house shows.

that's the end of my year-in-review. today i can't wait to go to the Political Imaginaries in Latin America: Reverberations within the Contemporary Left conference, then to pick up moving boxes, then to pick through wasteful students' trash!