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03 May 2007 @ 04:39 pm
seems all of bloomington east side is moving out! yeah!

shit's gonna be quiet over here! AND i'm gonna dumpster some serious stuff, y'all!

here's what i need:
+ moving boxes
+ bookshelves (tons!)
+ awkward table and/or bedside stand
+ plastic storage containers
+ blankets/lamps/other decorative shit

now, if only i can stop researching/planning for guate this summer and actually finish my paper for d.a. james, i'll be in the business.
03 May 2007 @ 04:43 pm

Saturday 5 May 2007 - Come to Club Kirkwood for a sweet graduation dance party! Celebrating all 2007 Graduates, guests of honor include: Tess, Ian, Jen, Sara(h) D, and Karen!

Look for fliers all around town (designed by Derrick Blair, photography by Dillon)!

Come at 11pm, same deal as CK.