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27 April 2007 @ 10:33 am
So, an LJ buddy of mine linked this page of street installations by Mark Jenkinsto her journal and the photos of DC made me sooooooooooooooooooo homesick. Sure, there are things I love very much about Bloomington - all the typical small-town life things we've come to expect - but I miss the things going on in the city. Always, things happening!

I miss the sense of anonymity and the special sense of delight when you step into a place where you know people or when you accidentally happen onto folks you know. It's an amazing feeling when that veil of anonymity lifts for even just a moment.

There are so many different types of people, so many things to learn, things to do... everyday a lesson in yourself...

I hate the city for its poverty, its ghettoization; for its governmental self-important snobbery. But damn do I love DC. I'm seriously stoked on going back this summer... I'll be there for only a week/week and a half or so, to help my sister recover from surgery, but I will be around...
27 April 2007 @ 07:25 pm
so, what a good day. all this amazing school and career related stuff happened to me today and i'm feeling like a kid about it all...

+ video i requested through Inter Library Loan (fully expecting it would arrive the day my paper was due) arrived today.
+ i was one of three winners in my class's proposal writing competition. no thousands of dollars prize money, but free dinner on the profe.
+ parents sent a cute singing card of congratulations for getting the tinker award.
+ scholar i'm reading with next semester & whom i really admire sent me an invitation to meet a famous central american gender scholar.
+ meeting other scholar on the board of an archive i'm going to visit while in guate next tuesday.

things are looking up. i feel like a good scholar. i feel like my passion and ideals are pushing me along. can't believe i've nearly survived my first year of grad school.