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24 April 2007 @ 12:43 pm
inspired by beth ditto's recent escapades, i thought i'd post a short statement about the femmes i adore...have adored...will adore...

but then i thought better of it and just ruminated on fabulous femmes for a half hour or so...

i just can't say enough about loving femmes.

here are some things i love about femmes:
+ the way some femmes aren't afraid to "fuck pretty!" and go for grotesque or over the top, just for fun (see beth ditto)
+ the way some femmes will proudly walk on the arm of "their" butch/tranny/dude/pal & expect certain things like walkin-on-the-outside treatment (see halves meeting phenomenon)
+ super compact and dizzying curves of short femmes (see st. hannah)
+ that eye thing that ladies do
+ grace under pressure (the classic femme non-chalant wave while i'm busy gawking)
+ lipstick
+ cute panties/underpants
+ cleavage and lots of it
+ the halves meeting phenomenon - opening doors, closing doors, lighting cigarettes cos i want to and finding out there's another someone who feels specially seen by that type of treatment. (aka "the escort/debutante" dynamic)
+ short dresses
+ super powers (outfit improvisation, makeup application, baking, tire changing, lawn mowing, minor home repairs, celebrity gossip, fuck-all-a-y'all attitude, butch-breath-taking-ability, e.g.)
24 April 2007 @ 01:26 pm