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22 April 2007 @ 02:10 pm
the weather's so nice, i should really get out and be in it, yeah?

i've got to read for school which is dumb but the good thing to do... brupper plans will redeem me for the evening, i'm sure. finally, i wore my favorite royal blue tshirt and my arms are getting dark enough that it looks "right."

found out that i got travel funding to go to guatemala this summer for 4-6 weeks! yeah! you'll find me trying not to electrocute myself in makeshift showers, looking not like a tourist, perfecting central america-brand spanish, collecting virgen de guadalupe and other virgen icons for LRL, scrounging for veg food that won't get me sick with agricultural runoff and shitty water and... some would argue, most importantly... interviewing women and men who were students from 1944 to 1954, reading student publications, holing up in archives and visiting sites for my research... to say i'm scared and excited would be banal understatement.

things to do:
+anxiously await documentation in the mail
+figure out housing (f2f with friends that will be in guate or know folks there)
+buy plane tickets
+prepare letters of introduction for archives
+update and edit itinerary
+sweat nervously
22 April 2007 @ 02:21 pm
this is one of those bullshit caught-up-in-online-melodrama posts, ok?

basically, i just realized that a few folks from dc/nova dropped me off their friendslist for totally unforeseen + unknown reasons + in a fit of ego or something, i just decided to reciprocate in kind. it seems weird and lame as shit to me to drop people off of one's friendslist (particularly if you were once actual friends) and not notify the person being defriended. really, wtf?

mostly, i'm over it, but i did want to post a wtf is up with this sort of friending/defriending culture? really odd.

turning wtf to ftw,