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07 April 2007 @ 10:58 pm
...the arrival of his deb. she should be coming any minute and we'll away to the annual Rock 'n' Roll Prom to benefit Boxcar Books and the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project. i will certainly post pictures afterward. the under the sea theme will be well-represented in the deb's dress, which is tastefully adorned with various sea life and other ocean-related odds and ends. smashing!

...new shopping addiction may be suits ordered online. i fear, however, that my finances can't support such a habit. nor can my social scene. inventing ramen recipes and eating from trashcans is lucrative in part for a vegan, but i'm less steel-gutted than other dumpster-feeding fiends i know. sure, i'm aware of my privilege.

...semester seems to drawing to a close. where did it go? spring semesters are so fleeting. seasonally apropos.

...excited and nervous to see everyone's duds this evening. i'm sure to be impressed.

...meeting parents is weird and scary. sushibar, however, is delicious. dee-lish! if you haven't yet eaten there, i'd save some cashola and head over to 10th and the bypass. eat the asparagus tempura roll, the sweet potato tempura roll and the shiitake mushroom roll. too good to be true. the inari is also superb, but i will say, our homemade inari is superior. will i ever get enough sushi?

...slowly working my way through the seasons of those queer ass folks. season 4 episodes 1, 2, and 3 are under my belt. can't wait for the rest of the season, as the show seems to get better and better. so does the credits sequence. did anyone else find the neon backlit pelvic thrusting dude party credits of the first three seasons disturbing? i sure did.

...oh yeah, it's fucking cold outside! whatthehell? the first farmer's market of the season was this morning and unbearably cold. felt mad empathy for the roadblock ef! kids tabling. yikes!

suppose i should go and finish getting ready.