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18 March 2007 @ 02:02 pm

pre-anticipatory freakouts projecting far into the summer. a few remaining projects and weeks of reading. a few hundred pages of writing to do for finals. then flight to georgia to visit ailing grandfather, flight to nova to help sister's surgery recuperation, pending possibility of a month of field research in guate, scrambling for pre- and post-research employment for summer. i wonder when i'll stop to breathe.

no more morning coffee.

general fear around relationships.

overwhelming urge to evacuate the premises. grad school, bloomington, all of it.

quarter-hearted attempt at writing well.


all of that said, vacation was awesome. we went to 10 states. fucking rad. asheville is still amazing, btw. nova/dc is perfect. and philly is super. i want to move to asheville so so bad. vegan food paradise, in a way. the laughing seed & rosetta's are infuckingcredible. bitter homes and gardens is playing at rosetta's this wednesday and there's a sweet queer dance party on saturday.

somehow, the mountains always call me back. in this journal, positivistic drivel comes free of charge.