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12 February 2007 @ 10:03 am
brief sunday to monday. das mexifest weekend edition was tasty as hell. spectated the cooking and got my hair cut. a bit like a haircut i had last year. then i had to do a lot of reading. read, read, read. overheard ecstatic reaction of the crowd to pizza_face's impromptu fashion show. then, LRL and i turned antisocial and fell asleep while reading. about 309 pages to read today.

saturday to sunday. baked, indy for value village, baked, showered, dressed, history grad student association party, rubbed elbows/took names. LRL and i made these tiny amazing vegan choc mousse tarts. too bad few party people ate them. avoided calls for some sort of grand comment. then broke the chain of bourgeois hobknobbing and changed into fun party clothes. spandex bellbottoms. this beautiful group of six, we made an entrace, danced til 4 and left while the party's still bumping. woke late on sunday and thought about some breakfast. blueberry pancakes and roasted potatoes. redisdead, SFPHR (super fun pink-haired roommate), LRL and i rocked the grocery.

friday to saturday. slop dinner at boxcar was fun. so many kids i've never seen and about a dozen ppl i adore. fun fun fun. wasn't hungry. but the apple pie was tasty. didn't try much else. debated scary-oke at the local dyke bar but instead we went home and ordered pizza. and fell asleep on the couch watching qaf.

1. "queer ass folks" is taking over my life. i'm obsessed.
2. joint-ualar-friction with the dean of graduate studies netted me one letter of recommendation for $$$ to go to guate this summer.
3. received orangey-yellow bed sheets in response to post on bloomington's freecycle listserv. hideous and beautiful. and fake silk.