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08 February 2007 @ 04:51 pm
redisdead and i have a sweet new tradition of cooking lunch together on tuesday and thursday afternoons. it's like we're practicing at playing house, as we're looking for places to be roomies next year. tuesday we cheffed up a little das mexifest and today was ayatollah lomeini noodles. dee-lish. we also called a bunch of places re: homes to rent. we've got one meeting scheduled for tuesday and this dude just called me back and has three potentially rad places. nothing super cheap, yet, but some good locations and all waaaay less than i'm paying right now. way less. we're looking at 2-4 bedroom places just in case k and p still want to live togethers.

how productive.

lots of exciting things are happening in life right now.

here's the cheesy part: i'm learning and growing alot. it's been a little while since i've been in l-u-v and i'm remembering how it feels. nice. that's how it feels. i feel like such a grownup, too. like i've changed so much since the last time i've fallen into something. done a ton of growing up, or just growing, period. i'm starting to understand some things that were so baffling to me before & watching myself correct errors i made last time.

this semester is going well. classes are not as difficult as last semester, probably for multiple reasons, but here are a few that i can deduce off hand:
1. i'm not still moving and unpacking
2. i know how to live life in bloomington
3. my classes require less writing, sorta
4. my classes require more reading and thinking

also, i'm in love with reese's puffs cereal. i remember loving it in highschool and then just last week i went on a cereal buying binge. a box of reese's puffs was one of my great finds.