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29 January 2007 @ 10:41 am
...so, i've had the same cold for about two weeks now. i decided late saturday night that i was tired of the bullshit and planned a coup, effective 29 january 2007.

yesterday, day 1 of regime change, went pretty well. with a hearty breakfast under my belt, i set off for home where i took a whole food b-complex, a mushroom-based immune supporter, and drank lots of water and antioxidant juice. then i went to pages where LRL had assembled an amazing get-better-right-fucking-now package, including one of my favorite types of honest tea, traditional medicinals gypsy cold care & cold care pm, a cough & lung tonic grown & processed by a local woman, and veg gel caps to put the tonic in to avoid yucky taste.

later in the night, we got conventional medicine from our less-than-local-but-affordable-for-working-people grocery store. so, before bed i took some conventional medicine, drank some cold care p.m. tea.

here's the outcome = i coughed a little, particularly before our respectably early bed time. but once i was asleep, i was asleep for real.
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29 January 2007 @ 11:06 am
it's seriously cold today, o.k.? the 6-7 block walk to soma seems insurmountable. why am i such a baby? i need to read & and i'm so unproductive today.

at least my pandora dot com 'new order' radio station is kicking ass. so so good.