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25 January 2007 @ 08:55 pm
What a nice week, y'all! [Please pardon the terrible grammar below. I just got out of class & don't have the energy to edit.]

The Hoodie Barfbag Pals started last weekend by making sushi on Saturday, began the week by eating sushi leftovers on Sunday... each weekday has been increasingly wonderful. On Tuesday, LRL made fresh muffins for us for breakfast - amazing banana and blueberry babies! Tuesday night for dinner, LRL and FPR (fun pinkhaired roommate) made soooo much comfort food type of things! It was phenomenal for LRL to pick me up from class, then take me to her home where many of the Hoodie Barfbag Pals were cooking up a storm - a delicious salad with sweet 'n' spicy dressing, baked tofu, steamed greenbeans with lemon, cheese 'n' peas (my favorite) and parsley potatoes! Wednesday night we ate Cheese 'n' Peas leftovers and watched "Chocolat." This morning we made blueberry cornmeal pancakes together! How fun is cooking with someone you adore?! So fucking fun!

Aaahhh! Food!