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Hahhahaaaaaaa! I had the most awkward day! It was ridickulous!

First, I decided to wear new shorts I got from the free box at the wellwellwell last night with some longjohns underneath for commonsensical warmth. I put on some other clothes and found myself wearing what I thought to be a fun outfit for a Friday when I only had one meeting with colleagues and could chillthefuckout. Problem is = these shorts kept sliding off of my ass, even with a belt and longjohns. I spent most of my day showing my colleagues and fellow librarylurkers my ass. Nearly showed a few folks my frontward business at Soma... whoa.

Later in the library, I had quite the experience attempting to find a book on reserve, scan, print, give up on the scan/print combo, find an ATM to get cash for copies, get change for a 20dollarbill, insert the bills, stop inserting bills to obtain suggested campus access cash and save 5cents per copy. After I figured out how to properly copy using campus access, I enthusiastically threw open the cover on the copy machine and snapped off a plastic hinge. LOUDLY. The hinge flew through the air a few feet. Seriously. And everyone. I mean EVERYONE in that part of the library turned to stare at me. In my longjohns, probably with my ass hanging out.


I was happy to return home where I can lay around with 100percent of my ass hanging out & who gives a shit!
12 January 2007 @ 07:38 pm
...will be awesome.

We have a very short weekly reading response assignment; a short 10 to 15 page paper dealing with a single film, theme, etc from the course readings and discussion; and only 5-6 students in the class. Perfect. Perfectly easy and the perfect opportunity to actually read for comprehension and use rather than digestion and regurgitation.

This semester will be so, so, so good. So good.